Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Geez Up

Just decided to work for a company I've been "friends" with for awhile... the magic of im and facebook...Let me tell you where it all began, and why social media is a critical piece of your marketing puzzle.

While doing a search for students from entrepreneurial colleges, for my magazine, Millionaire Blueprints Teen, I ran across a profile for a little company called Geezeo.

I was intrigued by something, perhaps the name, and I checked it out. I found the aim name for one of the co-founders, Pete Glyman, and plugged the info. into my contact list. Eventually, Pete popped up. We chatted... and thus began the relationship. After bantering and discussing the crucial nature of entrepreneurial focus and business ownership, I eventually wrote a story about Geezeo. Additionally, I quoted them in a couple of online pubs. We have stayed in touch. Off and on, there have been things that we needed from each other (advice, suggestions, contacts)... it has been a mutually beneficial space to hang out...

Today, I was officially inducted into the "team" with a conference call and am honored to be entrusted with pimping Geezeo out there...

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