Saturday, January 31, 2009

how hard is it to be nice?

wonder why people in a family can't be nice to each other. how hard is it to resist putting your foot on your sister's neck? i'm just wondering because i actually said that sentence today. "Do not put your foot on your sister's neck." Ridiculous.

But it makes me think, why are they nice to their friends but rude to their siblings? Which led me to... why am I patient with my friends, and impatient with my children. Why do I give my friends the benefit of the doubt, but assume the worst first with my children.

I need to get it together... so I can model kindness. That's part of why he put his foot on his sister's neck.

Monday, January 19, 2009

where is the funny?

I write a sitcom for kids, wright's direction, and each time I sit down to write, i struggle with one thing. bringing the funny.

its hard to bring the funny without using too much sarcasm, or too many potty jokes, or mocking a main character...

so, i keep at it, and hope for the best. I'm reading Elephant Bucks right now and it is a great book for sitcom writers. I am learning so much more. Hopefully it'll sink in... and I will see the humor around me and find a way to translate it to the page so i can make a 6th grade boy laugh... that's the goal.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i'm cold

its so cold. really really cold here in texas. the back and forth of hot and cold is a whipping. but especially the cold. i'm a florida beach girl... haven't lived there in ages but miss it, miss the sound of the surf, the attitude of the people, the "dressed up" definition=jeans or shorts.... all the time. what's better than jeans?

Sunday, January 4, 2009


SO... my twitter account got hacked because i answered a fake email that looked like it was from a friend.... UGH. Hopefully the effects will not be massive... we will see soon. What a whip.

Why do people do things like that? What's wrong with people?
Plus, it reminded me how many different accounts I have, as I change lots of passwords and logins.
It's really interesting, I think. We are so dependent on the internet for so many things. It's a great miraculous tool, but it also can enslave us...

I've been in a funk for three days because my internet has been spotty at best... I have things to do, people! I feel disconnected when I dont have instant access to a two second facebook status update, or a phone number I can only get on an address book...

Anyway. I'm just HACKED OFF!