Sunday, January 4, 2009


SO... my twitter account got hacked because i answered a fake email that looked like it was from a friend.... UGH. Hopefully the effects will not be massive... we will see soon. What a whip.

Why do people do things like that? What's wrong with people?
Plus, it reminded me how many different accounts I have, as I change lots of passwords and logins.
It's really interesting, I think. We are so dependent on the internet for so many things. It's a great miraculous tool, but it also can enslave us...

I've been in a funk for three days because my internet has been spotty at best... I have things to do, people! I feel disconnected when I dont have instant access to a two second facebook status update, or a phone number I can only get on an address book...

Anyway. I'm just HACKED OFF!

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